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Service & Support:

Purchasing a Paging System can be a significant investment. SONIK offers a comprehensive range of support services to ensure that you realize the maximum benefit from your paging system.

Through our worldwide network of SONIK support centers and qualified partners, we offer the following support services to complement our paging products and integrated systems:

  • 1 Year Standard Warranty, Parts & Labor, on all SONIK provided equipment
  • Telephone Support during business hours
  • Extended Maintenance Contracts- several options available
    • 5 days/week, during normal business hours
    • 24 hours per day, 7 days per week also available
    • Extended factory only service also optionally available
    • We will offer a custom maintenance contract to meet your requirements
  • System Support Services include:
    • System Planning & Design
    • Propagation Analyses
    • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
    • Installation
    • Integration
    • Project Management
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Training
    • Ongoing System Maintenance
    • Documentation
System Planning and Design

SONIK will visit with you at your location to study where the system is to be located and used. Our technical staff are experienced in analyzing your local topography, whether urban or rural, to determine the effects on radio coverage. We can provide computer generated propagation analyses and coverage guarantees, if required. We can also provide throughput guarantees, which can be very helpful when planning emergency management systems. These studies are all computer generated to conservative parameters, which helps guarantee that the actual results will exceed the computer results. This is a very effective tool in the design phase of any system and one that not many companies can offer.

As part of a paging system solution, our staff will design your system specifically to meet your individual requirements and put together system design documentation, prior to ordering any equipment. This ensures you that we, as your supplier, fully understand your requirements, before any equipment is ordered and any further commitments are made going forward with the project. This process is also very helpful from our perspective, because we want to make sure we are in sync with you as our customer, before we make any commitments on your behalf.

Most of our system installations include a System Design Approval milestone. Once all documentation is approved, we then start ordering equipment and typically move onto the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test phase).

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

The FAT is not always required from our customers, however, even if our customer does not require it, we do it anyway, as part of our internal process for integrated base stations and system solutions.

By running the FAT, our engineers are assured, when they arrive at your location, that the equipment they are receiving, has already been proven to work as an integrated part of the complete system. All the individual equipment has already been setup as an integrated component, so time is saved onsite, during the installation/integration phase of the project.

This is the same for the purchase of an integrated base station, where SONIK is providing our WMBS, with a transmitter, 250 watt PA, as an example, a circuit filter, isolator, power supplies, controller and GPS receiver all mounted in a 19”, rack mount cabinet. We pre-mount all equipment in the rack mount cabinet, connect all custom cables, and power up each integrated base station in the factory. We then run it for at lease 24 hours in a heat chamber, to make sure it runs properly, prior to packing and shipping.

We consider the FAT to be one of the most important milestones in any base station integration or system project that we offer and it is just one factor puts us above our competition.

Installation and Integration

SONIK is the only manufacturer of paging infrastructure equipment, that also provides system installation and integration

As part of our turnkey system solution, we offer in-factory installation and integration, which is done prior to our FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), but we also offer onsite installation and integration.

We will send our technicians/engineers and project manager to your location to install each piece of equipment where it belongs. For antenna systems, we contract your local preferred tower installation company to install the antennas, mounting brackets, coax cable, and grounding kits. Our staff will be there at the tower site to supervise and advise the tower crew during installation and to make sure the installation is done right, the first time.

Having done the FAT, makes our job during installation and integration, much easier. We already know that each component has been setup to interface to the others. We already know that the cable was custom designed for your specific system requirements and we already know that the system, and each component, operates correctly.

SONIK will take full responsibility for installation and integration of your system and we do it at the best prices. Call us, we can help!

Project Management

Systems integration is not an easy task, no matter what type of system it is. This is why, for every system project, SONIK assigns a Project Manager, who is your main point of contact for every facet of your system installation.

Our Project Managers have years of experience and because SONIK focuses only on paging systems, we are able to predict in advance when and where problems are likely to occur. Our Project Managers have years of experience and realize that they work for you. They have the technical background and the organizational skills to make sure that each system is installed according to schedule, to meet your expectations.

We make sure that we understand what you expect from us and what we expect of you. Systems installation is a partnership between SONIK, you as our customer, and the vendors who supplied other key solutions that we may need to interface with. SONIK Project Managers understand the key issues related to a Paging System installation and will work with you and your other vendors to integrate our solution with your phone systems, your microwave network, your CAD, and your LAN/WAN.

We have the experience and the knowledge to make it all happen according to plan. That’s what you expect and that’s what we deliver.

Acceptance Testing

SONIK will work with you to custom design an Acceptance Test Plan specific to your system and your concerns. Whether its operational testing, coverage testing, performance criteria, or specific concerns you may have regarding the system operation, we will sit down with you to write up an Acceptance Test plan that addresses your individual concerns and that we can all agree on.

SONIK has a great deal of experience setting up Acceptance Tests specific to paging systems and industry standards. We will collaborate with you on the final, agreed upon, System Acceptance Test and will make sure our system passes the test.


The best system in the world is of no use to you if no one in your organization know how to use it! That’s why SONIK offers customized training for you that can include Supervisor/Administrator training, technical/maintenance training, and user training.

Each type of training is customized for each of our customers and is presented and agreed upon prior to system acceptance. SONIK can provide training in our factory, or at your location, with as many personnel as you require. Each customer has different levels of previous experience and technical background, which requires customized training that is different for everyone else.

SONIK’s technical staff and Project Manager will meet with you to review the level of training that is appropriate for your personnel. We then write up a training program that you review and approve. Give us a call to discuss our training programs.

System Maintenance

SONIK offers in-factory warranty maintenance standard on all our equipment and systems sold, however, we also offer long-term Support Contracts to give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you will get a fast, efficient, response.

SONIK can offer customized service contracts to meet your specific maintenance requirements. Whether you are looking for in-factory service only, 24/7 onsite maintenance with guaranteed response times, or anything in-between, SONIK will work with you to develop a mutually agreed upon maintenance contract for your paging system.


Similar to training, documentation is one of the most important aspects of a system offering, when it comes to ongoing use of the solution by your people. Even with the best training, questions often arise after acceptance and training.

SONIK provides documentation in support of our systems and training to help your staff when these questions inevitably arise after we’ve left. It doesn’t end there though. Our assistance is only a phone call or email away. We’ve installed enough paging systems to know and understand what the typical questions will be, even after we’ve left.

You can be assured that the combination of training and documentation provided with our paging systems, will leave no questions unanswered. Give us a chance to prove it to you.

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