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SONIK Messaging Systems References:

MotorolaSONIK provided more than 450 paging base stations to Motorola for their nationwide, public safety, simulcast paging system for The Netherlands.  SONIK custom designed these base stations using our PTX-150 All-Digital Paging Transmitters.  These G2N (Generation 2 Nucleus) Base Stations have been in operation for almost 10 years now.

Harris Corp.: SONIK has provided several public safety paging systems, as subcontractor to Harris Corp., for their public safety customers, including York County, Lebanon County, and St. Mary’s County (see descriptions below).

Intergraph:  SONIK provided a public safety, all-digital paging system for Palm Beach County, FL, as subcontractor to Intergraph.  See details below.

SkyTel:  SONIK designed and provided 100 custom, 900MHz, 500 watt, linear PA, paging base stations to SkyTel for their nationwide paging network.

ToroSONIK designed a custom paging system for Toro, using our OSMAC paging terminal/encoder, integrated with paging transmitters, for use in their irrigation systems. Toro purchased these system solutions from SONIK for over 5 years and installed them on golf courses and large campus irrigation systems across the United States.

Additional recent SONIK References:

St. Clair County, Illinois:  This is a Public Safety, VHF, 3 site, simulcast, voice and digital paging system for St. Clair County, IL, installed September 2005.  This system is interfaced to the Counties E911 system, allowing dispatchers to initiate pages from their Motorola Gold Elite dispatch console and from the new Zetron paging terminal supplied by SONIK.  The solution also includes a LAN/WAN interface allowing for any PC user on the network to send an alphanumeric page from their PC.  SONIK engineers provided complete turnkey responsibility.

Palm Beach County, Florida:   This is a public safety, UHF, 8 site, simulcast, alphanumeric paging network for Palm Beach County Fire and Rescue.  SONIK engineers had turnkey, system responsibility for this public safety system, including coverage guarantees for medium density buildings.  As subcontractor to Intergraph Public Safety, the system includes an interface to the Counties E911 CAD system, provided by Intergraph, a telco interface and to the County LAN/WAN network.  This turnkey contract included training and a 5-year maintenance plan.

Palm Beach County also later awarded an open bid to SONIK for a new voice paging system, to include hot-standby, redundant RF links with 5 simulcast, analog, paging base stations.  The paging exciter, PA, GPS, IM Panel, and remote controller, with RF Link receiver, were mounted in EIA 19” rack mount enclosed cabinets, with locking, louvered front and rear doors.

Lebanon County, Pennsylvania:  SONIK provided 7 each UHF, simulcast paging transmitters for their public safety paging system upgrade for Lebanon County Fire and Sheriff’s Depts, as subcontractor to M/A-COM, now Harris Corp.  The requirement was for digital, alphanumeric paging, with simulcast capabilities, to replace older transmitters that were deemed inadequate, due to poor coverage and failure rates. 

City of Colorado Springs, Colorado:  SONIK provided 6 each of our own PTX-150, VHF, all-digital paging transmitters, with a system simulcast controller and transmitter simulcast remote controllers and GPS receivers to the City of Colorado Springs for their public safety paging system.  The City performed the integration and installation with their Zetron paging terminal for city-wide coverage.

Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO:  SONIK was referred to the Hospital by the City of Colorado Springs radio communications dept.  We provided 4 digital paging base stations, including new Zetron digital paging simulcast controllers with GPS receivers for simulcast timing.

St. Mary’s County, MDSONIK performed an analysis of an existing paging system to determine how to upgrade the system for better simulcast performance and RF coverage.   The system is a 4-site, simulcast, VHF, tone and voice paging system.  Some of the basic recommended upgrades have been implemented, resulting in much improved system performance. 

York County, PASONIK provided this public-safety, all-digital, UHF, 17-site, simulcast, paging system with Telco, CAD and LAN/WAN inputs.  This system also included Zetron’s Model 2700 Message Gateway, with internet gateway connectivity, in a remote, redundant, configuration with almost 4,000 pagers.  SONIK provided a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), complete installation services, and acceptance testing.  SONIK had turnkey systems responsibility for this project, including in-building, medium and high-density RF coverage and on-street, RF coverage guarantees, with drive testing and final system acceptance testing. This system was formally accepted in August 2008.

San Diego Sheriff:  SONIK won an open bid to provide 32 each of our PTX-150, all-digital paging transmitters.   6 transmitters included 250 watt PA’s. 

Larimer County, COSONIK won an open bid for 7 PTX-150 all-digital paging transmitters. The County integrated these transmitters with other components for their County-wide paging system.

Virginia Beach, City of:  SONIK provided 4 new paging base stations, 2 channels each, 1 for voice and 1 for digital paging, setup in a simulcast mode, to include exciter, 350 Watt PA, transmitter controller setup for 2 channels, with GPS receivers.  SONIK also provided onsite installation and optimization services for all equipment provided, as well as rental paging transmitters to keep the system running until the new equipment could be delivered.

Salt Lake County Sheriff: SONIK won an open bid to provide a new Zetron Model 2200 paging terminal, including installation/integration with their existing system, training and acceptance testing.

Omaha Public Power District:  SONIK was awarded a contract to provide 13 new, PTX-150, all-digital, simulcast, paging base stations, to replace their old Motorola Nucleus paging base stations, as well as a narrowband propagation analysis. These included remote controllers, GPS for simulcast timing, Isolator/Filters, and a remote alarms management system.

Baltimore Gas & Electric:  SONIK provided one PTX-150 All-Digital Paging Base Station with a 500 watt PA and remote controller in a utility-grade, 19” cabinet, to replace one of their old Motorola nucleus paging base stations.

PECO Energy:  Through Motorola and this utility’s ongoing maintenance contract with Motorola, SONIK provided two PTX-150 All-Digital Paging transmitters, to replace their aging Motorola paging transmitters.

Norcomm, Valley Comm, King County, Snohomish County, City of Bellevue, WA: This consortium of several 911 agencies have all standardized on SONIK’s PTX-150 All-Digital Paging Transmitter, so they can share their systems, which are all setup for simulcast throughout the Seattle area.  These agencies have been using almost100 each PTX-150 All-Digital Paging Transmitters in their simulcast network for over 11 years and continue to increase the # of transmitters with SONIK’s PTX-150.  The City of Bellevue just purchased 12 new PTX-150’s in 2009 with two additional units in 2010.

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